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Construction site at Åsland

At the construction site on Åsland the new Tunnel city has been built, with offices, production facilities and apartments. 

The most dominant building on the site is the concrete segment factory. The entire factory area is about 20 000 m2 and has three production lines, batching plants and other auxiliary installations. In total almost 20 000 complete rings, or 140 000 concrete segments, is required to make the 18,5 km twin tunnel.

Both the client Bane NOR and AGJV has large office facilities at Åsland. Many of the employees working with production are living at the apartments on site, and there is also a large canteen which serves all meals during the day. On the construction site about 800-1000 people will have their daily work place in the most intensive periods. AGJV has several subcontractors, which together with AGJV realise this project.