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The Follo Line TBM or Bane NOR project implementing the AGJV-Leadership Program

21 Dec 2017

Bane NOR has decided to implement the leadership program “Visible Health and Safety Leadership” in their organization in the EPC TBM project, part of the big scale project the Follo Line.

The goal of the program is the alteration of behavior in the “Middle Management” at the workplace.


The leadership program “Visible Health and Safety Leadership” is based on improving behavior through alteration, a better attitude, and especially visible leadership.


-          We have recently implemented the leadership program in our organization in the EPC TBM Follo Line Project, says Anne Kathrine Kalager, the manager of EPC TBM in the Follo Line Project.  - Our intention is to sharpen the focus and awareness of safe behavior also among all our employees. What is worth emphasizing is that AGJV has implemented the program among all its intermediaries with good results. These are leaders who are directly involved in everyday production, and where their awareness of safe conduct and follow-up of their employees' performance can really make a difference. We look forward to experience the effects of the program in our organization, says Anne Kathrine Kalager.


-          The program will last 12 months. The first stage of the cooperation with the Follo Line Project TBM, will start immediately. The training process begins with a self-assessment of the leader. They will be aware of current capabilities and which one could be developed. We have experienced that this is a high quality safety-system, and we are proud to tell that our client Bane NOR/The Follo Line Project now is implementing our internal Acciona and Ghella leadership program for HMS in their organization, says Fernando Vara, the project director in AGJV.  


Examples of leader actions that can be used are:

•             Tool box talks

•             Weekly Safety Rounds or relevant site inspections

•             Use of SOC (Safety Observation Cards)

•             Daily Crew Talks

•             Lessons learned

•             Implementation of Company Policies

•             Other voluntary Leader actions


Many of these actions were already implemented before we started the program, but we will supplement and improve our focus even more. The program has already given good results in relevant projects as Linea 1 metro Quito (Ecuador), Site 3  (Canada), Variante Pajares (Spain) and BBVA building (Spain), A3 Highway Salerno – Reggio Calabria, (Italy) in addition to projects in Brasil, Chile, Australia, Mexico, Colombia.


Furthermore, it has been submitted for approval for the projects: Brenner Base Tunnel Lot "Mules 2-3" of the Monaco-Verona high speed railway (Italy).

Sustainable development program for the Riachuelo Matanza Lot 1: Left margin collector, Baja Costanera collector deviation and complementary works (Buenos Aires, Argentina).



On a regular basis an assessment will be performed to the efficacy of the program and reward to the best leader of the period. Participants who complete scheduled actions will get a certificate as an recognition. A final report of results will be done one year later, and the participant will be rewarded as the Best Leader.