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Almost 2/3 completed tunnel

20 Mar 2018

AGJV has soon bored 24 000 meter since Eufemia, the first TBM, started in September 2016. The four TBMs have approximately excavated around 66 percent of the total length. The “TBM-ladies” are hardworking, and they are excavating the hard rock in an impressive way. The first break through in the northern direction is expected in the Summer/Autumn 2018.

The TBM Eufemia has excavated almost 7 kilometers, 77 percent of her way to Oslo, and Ellisiv is following only 60 meters behind. They are both ahead of schedule and it’s now exciting which TBM will be the first one to reach Oslo. At the moment Ellisiv seems to be “in the best shape” and she is almost catching up Euphemia. The average progress is 100 meters a week per machine.

The TBMs Anna and Magda are working continuously towards Ski, and they are also on schedule. They have excavated respectively 5,2 (57 %) and 5 kilometers (55 %). That means that all the TBMs this week have reached the milestone 5 kilometers.

The number of produced tunnelrings in the precast factory is approximately 15 400. The total number of rings to be produced is around 20 236, so we are around 75% of the total production done.

There will always be some challenges in a huge TBM-project like the Follo Line, with extremely hard rock and some weakness zones, but the production is stable and the future prospects are good. AGJV is constructing the main part of the tunnel at the project on behalf of Bane NOR.