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AGJV tunnel winner in Norway in 2018

26 Nov 2018

Acciona Ghella JV is the tunnel winner for the second year, in front of Skanska, Veidekke and AF Gruppen.

NFF's tunnel statistics shows the volume take-offs from Norwegian tunnel and rock projects in 2018.

Last year, Acciona Ghella JV wrote story by setting new volume record for a single company. It was also the first time a foreign company was on top of NFF's tunnel statistics, and it has not happened before that a contractor took out the largest mountain volume with only one project in the tunnel portfolio.

Also this year, the TBM contractor at the Follo Line is on top of NFF's tunnel statistics. The TBM withdrawal of 1,065 million cubic was sufficient for defeating Skanska, as this year charges 1,037 million cubic meters.