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20 000 rings produced

08 Feb 2019

A huge milestone is reached. AGJV has now casted the last segments needed to finish the precast production of TBM-rings.

The segment production started in May 2016. It was a lot of work to prepare for production and put up the factory, which has an area of 22.700m2. The production has been linked to the TBM-progress and has followed the schedule of the tunnel development.

The production is now finished with around 20.000 complete rings, eight segments per ring, seven structural segments and one invert segment. To produce the rings we have used more than 470.000 m3 of concrete and 19.000 tons of steel.

We have worked with three factory lines at the same time and more than 300 people have at peak been involved in the production. Such a personnel-intensive business requires good planning and sufficient access to expertise and resources. There has been continuous work day and night, done by different shifts.

-Sometimes you feel what is real production. I am so grateful for the effort and engagement of the factory team fulfilling the 20 000 rings. It’s a high number of rings, and we have adapted our production to the TBMs performance and the space to storage rings. It has sometimes been challenging, but now we can be really proud of the work we have done. The quality of the rings is good and thanks to good routines and emphasis on safety, we have not had any major incidents at the factory, says project director Fernando Vara.

The carousel and equipment inside the factory will now be disassembled and the factory building will in near future be used for other purposes, for example as a storage.