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Speach at "Fjellsprengningsdagen"

29 nov 2016

The "Fjellsprengningsdagen" conference examines the latest developments in rock demolition. Project Director Fernando Vara gave a talk on the technical aspects of the construction of what will be Scandinavia’s longest rail tunnel.

The talk entitled “Four tunnel boring machines starting from one central construction site” was presented at the conference "Fjellsprengningsdagen", on rock demolition, which is organised annually by the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF). The event was attended by around 800 people, mostly experts from the construction and infrastructure sectors.

During his talk, Vara discussed the logistical challenges of using four tunnel boring machines (TBM), which are operating simultaneously to construct the twin tunnels. He also highlighted the complexity involved in optimising and defining the facilities required to assemble the machines in a single location.

Vara described the technical characteristics of the four TBMs and the principal challenges of installing them in the assembly chamber. Lastly, he outlined the performance of the lining ring segments and the work carried out by these machines to date.

In total, the four 150-metre long tunnel boring machines will drill through 18.5 km of rock to excavate the twin tunnels, which will be constructed from 140,000 lining ring segments. The work carried out by these machines begins at the halfway point on the route, where the segmented lining ring and concrete production plants are also located. From here, two of the machines are drilling northwards, from Åsland to Oslo, while the other two are drilling south, from Åsland to Ski.

The Norwegian Tunnelling Society organises its demolition conference every year, which is attended by experts and professionals from the sector. Two additional professional forums on rock mechanics and geotechnics are also held at the same time.