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25 percent completed tunnel

19 jun 2017

The four tunnel boring machines on the Follo Line have so far drilled over ten km tunnel, that is, just over 25 percent of the total length.

The long tunnel of the Follo Line receives two separate tunnels and is the longest railroad tunnel in the Nordic region.

In September 2016, the TBM "Queen Eufemia" started in the direction of Oslo and "Queen Ellisiv" started in October the same year. The machines called "Anna from Kloppa" and "Magda Flåtestad" started the production in direction Ski by the end of the year. Each machine must drive over nine km of tunnel over a two-year period. Everyone is well on track and the project thus marks an important milestone; 25 percent of the tunnel has been completed (railway technical work remains).

"The tunnel queens" will have completed the drilling work next autumn. The tunnel drills (TBM) are specially produced for hard Norwegian rock and work as planned in terms of technology, quality and propulsion. It is the first time, at least in European context, that production is carried out in parallel with all four TBMs from one same area .

This means that the production of the Follo Line tunnel technical and logistical is a large scale project, followed with great interest from specialist environments in a number of countries.

Good, smart and viable solutions together with mutual trust between the client Bane NOR and the contractors are necessary to ensure success for what is Norway's largest transportation project.

Acciona Ghella Joint Venture has wide international experience and builds the main part of the railway tunnel (18.5 of a total of 20 km long tunnel with two separate tunnels - for the first time in the rail tunnel in Norway).

The international organization on the Follo Line construction site in Åsland is now at its peak level, counting 800 employees, divided into 27 different nations. In addition, Bane NOR has a project manager in Åsland as a builder.

Facts about the project: The Follo Line Project is the largest transport project in Norway. The project consists of 22 km double trains between Oslo S and the new railway station on Ski. The Follo Line project, with the longest rail tunnel in the Nordic countries, is due to be completed in December 2021.

Facts about Follobanes tunnel drilling machines:

• Four specially crafted machines drill 18.5 km of the 20 km tunnel between Oslo and Ski

• The TBMs drill and install segments that ensure a complete and waterproof tunnel

• The segments are produced in own plant in the Åland area

• Length of each TBM: 150 m

• Weight: 2400 tonnes

• Tunnel diameter / TBM: 8.75 / 9.96 m

• Number of cutters: 71

• Average excavation speed: 12-15 m / day

• Installed power: 6200 kW


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