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Two of the TBM's are half way to Oslo

11 sep 2017

The Follobanen project's first two TBM's, Queen Eufemia and Queen Ellisiv have now drilled half way to Oslo, 4.5 km.

"The progress of these TBM's is going great. If they keep up the pace and continue as they are today, the first breakthrough will occur before scheduled next year." says Entrepreneur AGJV's project director Fernando Vara and adds:

"When we have completed the drilling and have disassembled the machines, they will start the railroad installation work. Recently we also achieved 50 percent finished production of all concrete elements produced in the major factories in the Åsland area."

In September 2016, the TBM, Eufemia, began its journey to Oslo. The machine called Ellisiv, started drilling against Oslo in October, before the two machines named after Anna from Kloppa and Magda Flåtestad started in the direction of Ski late 2016. Each machine will drill a little more than 9 km tunnel over a two-year period.

10 005 concrete rings, which count 80 040 elements are manufactured. A ring has seven concrete elements to form a circle mounted by the tunnel drills and makes the tunnel rails waterproof. The total number of rings will be 20,010.

"So far, AGJV is on schedule. Most of the elements are stored in Åsland, but some of them are transported to an external storage area" says Fernando Vara.

AGJV delivers in this area as expected, so that the TBMs can continue their daily routines according to the time schedule. AGJV has reached an important milestone for the project with two of the machines, and Eufemia and Ellisiv are ahead of schedule. We are pleased with our work and progress so far. Our success factors are an experienced international organization and a good structure for implementation and progress.

Each of the four TBMs is 150m long, weighs approx. 2400 tons. The Follobanen project is the largest infrastructure project in Norway. AGJV builds the bulk (18.5 km) of the project tunnel on behalf of the builder Bane NOR. With a total length of 20 km, this will be Scandinavia's longest rail tunnel when the project is completed in late 2021.