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Social initiatives and community information

23 okt 2017

The Follo Line is the largest infrastructure project in Scandinavia, and it’s crucial to mitigate negative impacts of the project, avoid possible future conflicts and improve client satisfaction and image of AGJV in the local sphere.


It’s also an aspect to improve the communities quality of life and give satisfactory information about the project. AGJV understands its role as key player in contributing to the sustainable development of society in the countries in which it operates, and contributes to improving people’s quality of life.

Traditionally drill and blast has been the most common tunnel method in Norway, so the information need of TBMs and the impact of the society is much appreciated. AGJV has planned and implemented many social initiatives together with the client Bane NOR in the Follo Line Project.

Here are some of the initiatives from the last months:

INFOcenter, Oslo:

Bane NOR has, in company with AGJV, established an information center in Oslo. At the center you get information through pictures, videos and facts about the Follo Line Project. You can see and experience the site, take a walk down the tunnels and enter Norway's largest cement factory through Virtual Reality. The center is open every day and is available for all groups of people.

Visits at Åsland:

In addition to the INFOcenter in Oslo, there are several visits at Åsland every month. The project is of great interest in around the world, and many professional groups from different relevant sectors are requesting to visit the site area and the tunnel. AGJV and Bane NOR are coordinating the visits and guiding the visitors through the area in a safe and informative manner.   

Cleaning of houses:

The project is offering external cleaning of houses for the neighbors close to Åsland site. The work on site is quite comprehensive and sometimes the neighbors get affected by dust and dirt.  

World Tunnel Congress 2017, Bergen:

This venue is the biggest annual congress for the tunneling industry, and the presentation given by the project director of AGJV was much appreciated. The tunneling people are fascinated and impressed by the Follo Line Project. 

Hotel accommodation:

The neighbors who live close to the alignment are offered alternative accommodation. Some of them are happy to stay some nights at hotels when the TBMs are close to their houses.  Bane NOR is in charge of detailed plans for communication with the inhabitants on top of the tunnel, based on knowledge about mountain conditions, over burden and noice regulations and the most affected neigbors are offered alternative accommodation when noice indoors at night exceeds the level accepted by health authorities. The program for the neighbors  is executed in close cooperation with AGJV for this part of the project.


AGJV has in company with the client Bane NOR so far planned and attended on several neighbor-meetings. The mission is to inform neighbors in advance and collect all the relevant questions to provide answers to relevant issues.  

SMS-messages and information to industrial parks:

In addition Bane NOR in cooperation with AGJV  has developed a sms-message service for neighbors. We are collaborating with our sub-contractor to send sms-warnings 20 minutes before blasting in the cross passages. We also arrange meetings with affected industrial areas and inform about the acitivities and progress.