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Evocative celebration of Santa Barbara at Åsland

04 des 2017


Employees in Acciona Ghella Joint Venture, the client Bane NOR and subcontractors celebrated Santa Barbara at Åsland site the 4th of December.


The employees met in the tunnel for a mass with the benediction of the Santa Barbara statue, and later there was a traditional long lunch with food specialties imported from Italy and Spain.

Statues of Santa Barbara were placed in the tunnel cavern, and the atmosphere was very different from a regular production day in the tunnel. The choir Oslo Voices were singing and over 600 attendees enjoyed the celebration. The production at site and in the tunnel was stopped the 4th of December.

Santa Barbara is the patron saint for people working in tunnels, and is celebrated around the world the 4th of December. Within the tunneling industry, as a long-standing tradition, one of the first tasks for each new tunneling projects is to establish a small shrine to Santa Barbara at the tunnel portal or at the underground junction into long tunnel headings. This is often followed with a dedication and an invocation to Santa Barbara for protection of all who work on the project during the construction period.


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