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Railway is one of the most environmental and efficient transport systems. Constructing the new high-speed twin tunnel in a safe manner with consideration for the environment and community, is of absolute importance for Acciona Ghella Joint Venture.


The Follo Line Project is a major environmental project since the new high-speed railway will make trains more attractive to travellers. Caring for the environment and constructing a sustainable solution is crucial for Acciona Ghella Joint Venture (AGJV) at the Follo Line Project.

AGJV strive to use solutions that minimise the environmental impact throughout the project. Together with the client Norwegian government’s agency for railway services (Bane NOR), AGJV will minimise the disturbance of the community and completing the project as gently as possible.

During the construction phase, the environment and surroundings may be affected by noise, dust and the activity on the site. Careful and active community management will be performed by Bane NOR and AGJV.


The project’s objective is no harm to people on the site and to the community. To achieve this the client and AGJV have established stringent safety guidelines and standards. On the construction site all measures are made to ensure a safe working environment.

In the daily life, this includes a number of measures. Safety introduction is given to everyone visiting the construction site. At the construction site, proper Personal Protection Equipment is obligatory for all personnel. For all kind of jobs, big or small, asessments are made to secure safe jobs. Following Norwegian regulations, HSE-card is mandatory when entering the site, and must be provided for all personnel and subcontractors.